Wedding ceremony at our Gazebo on beautiful Crystal Lake



To reserve the date of your special function, call our Wedding Coordinator at 401-567-4500 ext. 14.


Our space is only considered secure upon receipt of required deposit and signed contract.


Prices are subject to change. Prices for the current year are determined each January. You will be obligated to pay the prices determined for the year your special function is taking place.


Crystal Lake accepts bank checks, money orders, and cash as payments. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express will only be accepted as payment for initial deposit. Acceptable payment for your 50% estimated deposit is cash, personal check or bank check. We do not accept personal checks or credit cards for final payment on special functions.


Customers may not supply their own alcoholic beverages; this includes small bottles of wine used as favors. Customers may not supply their own food.


A 20% service charge will be added to food and beverage selections.


A 7% Rhode Island State Tax and 1% local tax will be added to food, beverage and any other applicable item according to the laws of The State of Rhode Island.


A general guest count is due to the Wedding Coordinator 14 days prior to your event. The guaranteed count is due 9 days in advance and cannot be reduced, regardless of the number of guests that actually attend the reception. Full Payment is required 7 days prior to your reception in the form of cash, certified check, credit card or money order made out to Crystal Lake Tavern.


Crystal Lake is not responsible for gifts and envelopes. Please bring an appropriate receptacle for your gift cards and assign a responsible person to keep them safe.


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the clubhouse.


Centerpiece must be pre-approved by the management at Crystal Lake Golf Club. We do not allow rice, confetti or birdseed inside or outside the building. Crystal Lake Staff is happy to place your centerpieces, favors, etc., please bring them fully assembled.  Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a cleaning charge incurred to the person/persons who have contracted the function.


Due to State health laws and insurance regulations, Crystal Lake prohibits the removal of any left over food and/or beverage from the premises due to the time of exposure and/or the consequences of possible improper storage or handling of the product.


All items such as centerpieces, decorations, gifts, etc. shall be removed by the host of the function at the conclusion of the function.  Crystal Lake is not responsible for items left on premises after the function is over. Items not claimed within 24 hours of the function will become Crystal Lake property and may be disposed of.